Sister I. Morgan: Confernece Miracle

Here is an excerpt from Sister I. Morgan’s recent letter home:

We had a huge miracle happen this week. Sister North and I have been working with this less active member since I got here to Armenia. The first time that we met with her, she was very bitter towards the church and was never planning on coming back. She would just spend the entire meeting crying and talking about all the hardships that she is going through. It was very sad and depressing but as sister north and I have been visiting her and reading different scriptures with her to try to help her, eventually she started reading her scriptures again and every time we would come over she looked so much happier and we invited her to church this week for conference, and guess what SHE CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did she come on Sunday but she also came on Saturday for conference too, I was so happy beyond words. She was just glowing, it was so cool!!!!!!!! The gospel really does bring that TRUE happiness even in trials.


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