Elder I. Batman: Baptism Pending

Here is a excerpt from Elder I. Batman’s recent letter home:

EVA AND LEONEL SANCHEZ ARE GOING TO FINALLY BE BAPTIZED THIS NEXT SATURDAY. They have been investigating the church for 7 and a half months. They are in a part member family. Jose and Daniela Sanchez are members and are very active and strong. Eva and Leonel come to church every Sunday with them. Eva has known the church is true and enjoys reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church but has been afraid of change and taking the step to baptism. Leonel has slowly progressed and accepted a date to be baptized on the 15th of October a couple weeks ago. He was wanted to change the date back to a different day. We fasted for them to continue on this path and help them to find the answers they need in this gospel. During church Eva talked with our Branch President and us and she finally said she wanted to be baptized with her son on the 15th. I am so excited for them. I truly love their family. They are amazing.


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