Sister R. Moore: A Family Tradition

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

With conference, I had a “God loves me so much” moment. Sunday morning a member texted us telling us to come over between sessions for something. We had been a bit stressed about getting investigators to watch conference and besides conference the weekend had been a little overwhelming, but we put it in our schedule to stop by. Well we stopped by and they invited us in to give us HOMEMADE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS. Most of you are probably thinking, well that’s random, what’s the big deal? Here’s some background: my mom makes blueberry muffins only at conference time, and I had mentioned it in my talk in church a few weeks ago when I talked about conference and mentioned some family traditions.  And ever since then this family, who is super busy with jobs on the Hill and marching band for their boys, had planned ever since to make blueberry muffins for us and give them to us for conference. Also, that morning I had planned on making some and had all the ingrrdients, but things came up and I wasn’t able to, so I had been kind of sad about that. So basically, I was shocked and so filled with love. It put me at ease and I seriously felt so much gratitude for my Father in Heaven. He really is watching over us, even if it’s someone making us blueberry muffins!!


COOL STORY. So we were teaching Wayne in cold stone because he likes meeting at public places, and near the end of our lesson the girl at the counter said, “are you studying the bible? Are you guys Mormons?” And we said yes we are, and she immediately said “aw, you guys are so sweet!! Two girls used to come on my street, and they were so sweet! Let me get you guys ice cream!” We said we could pay, but she refused and told us to pick what we wanted. Needless to say, Wayne was very happy, and I was touched that missionaries could have such an effect on people even if they don’t seem interested at the time :)


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