It Started with a Prayer


christ1We had to tell the others. Sure, about 2,500 of us had witnessed Christ’s appearance.

We touched the wounds He suffered on the cross.

We heard Him teach.

We saw the heavens open and legions of angels attend to the children.

We saw Him weep.

tewlveBut so many had missed these amazing experiences. Jesus knew that. He told the Twelve, He had set apart as His leaders, to gather everyone to the temple. They were to teach, baptize, and give each of them the gift of the Holy Ghost. Once done, He would return.

We knew the Twelve could not do this on their own. We all helped. Besides, we were motivated. The sooner we gathered everyone, the sooner Jesus would return.

In a matter of a few short days we accomplished what Christ commanded.

We gathered everyone.

We divided them into twelve groups.

Each group as was taught by one of the Twelve.

Everyone was baptized.

Each of us were given the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

We had done all that Christ commanded us to do. But how could we let Jesus know? Perhaps we should all pray. 

It started with a prayer.

bountifulThe Twelve climbed the steps of the temple to the spot where Christ first appeared.

They knelt in a circle.

We knelt down as well.

They started to pray.

We prayed with them.

We pleaded for Christ to return. We desperately wanted the thousands who had not yet seen Jesus to share in this sacred experience.

jesusappearsSuddenly, the heavens opened. Once again angels descended upon us and we are all encircled about by what looked like fire.

Then, in the middle of this angelic visitation, He came. He appeared in the middle of the circle created by the Twelve.

He knelt down and prayed with them.

Then He left the circle and prayed on His own. He thanked His Father for giving us the Holy Ghost.

jesusprayesHe returned to the circle to pray with the Twelve. He exited again to thank His Father for purging each of us from our sins. 

He returned to the circle. When he exited the third time, we could tell He was overcome with emotion. None of us understood the words He spoke. Yet we could all tell He was talking directly to His Father in an unknown language.

It was amazing to witness. Here was the beloved Son pouring out His soul to His Father.

When Jesus was done praying, He knew we were all looking at Him. Then He directed our attention to the Twelve. We all cast our eyes towards them. It was as if they were encircled about with flames. Their hair, their clothes, even their bodies were gleaming white – a white so bright that it defied description.

All Jesus could do was smile. Once again, His joy was full. Once again, a loving Father granted His beloved Son, in whom He was well pleased an intimate and touching experience.

It started with a prayer.





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