Jesus Wept

jesusteachingThe people were awe struck. Sure, Jesus’ teachings were marvelous and so simple to comprehend. As great as were the teachings, the Teacher far surpassed the message. Jesus Christ Himself was talking to them!

Then, He paused.

Jesus assessed their hearts were full and their minds were distracted. Plus, He had to still visit the ten tribes, so He needed to conclude His visit.

But even Jesus was unprepared for what would happen next. I am confident the Father knew.

There were about 2,500 people at the temple grounds that day. This was not His largest crowd. But Jesus could tell something was different. Unlike the thousands He taught in and around Jerusalem, these people wanted to be with Him.

Jesus was not accustomed to such an outpouring of positive emotion. He couldn’t leave now. Not yet.

jesushealingHe knew so many had been injured from the storms. He could see them trying hard to listen to Him as He taught but they were overwhelmed with physical and emotional pain. So, He asked the multitude to bring to Him all those who were sick or injured.

He healed them all.

Soon the flood of emotion that surprised Jesus escalated to a tsunami. The people were so grateful for all that He had done. He was not accustomed to this level of appreciation. Didn’t only one of the ten lepers remember to thank Him?

This was different.

Again, the time was short. He had to leave. But He just couldn’t. What more could He do to repay these people for the love they had shown Him?

The children.
So often the children are forgotten in these situations. Children try so hard to pay attention, at least some of them. But their young minds and short attention spans restrict them from truly comprehending what was going on. Butterflies, rocks, twigs, and other plentiful distractions vied for their attention.

Jesus loved children. He loved to spend time with them as a mortal. Now, as a resurrected God, His love of children increased

jesuswithchildren1He asked the multitude to bring all the children unto Him. While the parents were thrilled at this, they were also apprehensive. Children can be so unpredictable and, sometimes even embarrassing. Still, they brought all the children to stand by the Savior.

Jesus spoke to each child, one by one.

He laughed with them.

He joked with them.

He played with them.

He blessed them.

Then, He asked the multitude to kneel and pray with Him.

That is when it happened.

jesusweptIn the presence of the adults and the children, Jesus wept. They all just stared at Him. No one expected this.

He seemed to regain His composure. But when he looked down at the children and could see their smiling faces, He wept again.

Never had He felt so much joy.

With His Son in tears, the Father opened the heavens and legions of angels attended to the people.

The Father rejoiced. His Beloved Son finally received the love He deserved.



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