Sister B. Chandler: Advantages to Getting Lost

Here is an excerpt from Sister B. Chandler’s recent letter home:

We saw so many miracles this week! Thursday was our first real day in the area getting things done, and we were trying to find an inactive member Bishop N. had asked us to visit. The ward directory we had did not indicate if this person lived on the west or east side of the street, Sister L. put the address into the GPS and found out there were two possible places this person could live… The east side or the West side. She asked me which way, I said the East side because that’s where we already were and so we drove to that address. Unfortunately, Nebraska is notorious for having non-existent houses. So we looked for this house, it wasn’t there. So we went to a woman sitting on her porch, this woman’s name is R. M. We asked her if she knew of the house number or the person, she said she didn’t. But, Sister L. began talking to her about who we are and what we do, she said she thought it was so nice that some young kids like us were sharing the good word. She Catholic in her 60’s or 70’s and she expressed her concern that after she left this world her family would make poor choices and end up in less then ideal circumstances. We testified that God loves all of us so much and that His plan is Eternal and that as she continued to be an example and a light and follow Christ her family would follow suit. We set a return appointment for tomorrow at 3pm. MIRACLE!!!!!!! We might not have found that inactive member, but we were definitely suppose to be at that very street, at that specific time so we could meet R. M and help her strengthen her faith in the Lord. It was the coolest thing!”

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