Sister R. Moore: Preparing for the Spirit

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s recent letter home:

First of all, my testimony was strengthened this week about the importance of our studies each morning! On Friday my companion and I were going following a prompting to visit a member, but she wasn’t home so we decided to knock on a few doors around them. The first door we knocked on was a sweet older lady in her pajamas, and she let us right in. She told us that in her life mormon missionaries had always showed up when she was doing something powerful (she is SO Christlike) and/or when she most needed it. She then asked what “food” we had for her today, and Sister Snow asked her if we could sing for her, and we sang “I Stand All Amazed,” which we had sung in studies that morning. She then told us how she was in a choir and so she LOVED hearing our song. As the conversation went on, parts of each of our studies seemed to be meant exactly for that situation, so we shared some thoughts with her. I really know that the things we studied were for her, and that we were led to her to share those things. I am grateful for a God who works in wonderfully mysterious ways!



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