Sister E. Moore: Great Teaching Moment

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home:

This week we taught Anteneh the Plan of Salvation and he LOVED IT! It was so cool to see his face light up as we talked about the spirit world and how people can still learn about Jesus Christ there if they didn’t get an opportunity to here and as we explained that we all will be resurrected and placed in a degree of glory. He kept saying “I just feel so much hope. And so much happiness” over and over. It is amazing to see the joy this gospel can bring to people. He texted us that night and said “Are you praying for me right now? I am just so happy!”

He had awoken in the middle of the night because he was happy, he explained it as if something was going to burst from his chest. He was sure we must have been praying for him at that time. It was so cute!

Also another miracle: we actually met his wife and she sat in on the lesson (well kinda, I don’t know if she was paying attention because the kids were going crazy!) but before she wouldn’t even meet us. She is still against Anteneh getting baptized and so he is struggling with that. Pray that her heart can be softened!


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