Sister B. Chandler: That Look

Here is an excerpt from Sister B. Chandler’s recent letter home:

Elder Falabella spoke on repentance. He asked us what it meant to call someone to repentance and what it means to testify of repentant to our investigators know of the truth we are testifying. Just so everyone knows, NEVER sit in the very front row in the VERY MIDDLE part of the pew when a General Authority is around. There is a certain look they gave you when they want you to speak and it was a look I became very familiar with at this moment in time. As other missionaries shared there impressions, I received this look. I rose my hand and said softly, “I believe that we cannot cry repentance to those we are teaching beyond our own conversion to the principle of repentance. We have to be converted to the doctrine of Christ and to be converted means to make a change and repent. That’s why repentance is apart of the doctrine of Christ.” Elder Falabella said, “That was very well said how bout you stand up and tell everyone.” UGH! Another side note, when a general authority asks you to stand up and share, you do it. otherwise you still get that look!

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