Sister B. Chandler: Baptism Looking Possible

Here is an excerpt from Sister B. Chandler’s recent letter home:

TRISHA CAME TO ALL THREE HOURS OF CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She loved it. Addison did not I repeat DID NOT throw a fit going to Primary, she had the best time and everyone in the ward was so proud of her and how good she was! ANSWERED PRAYER! Addison is an amazing little 3 year old, but she does tend to be glued to her mother’s side, so we were so happy she enjoyed Primary! Trisha says she knows everything we’re teaching her is 100% true (her words) it’s just getting to church every Sunday for three hours that will be hard. Her husband works and lives away from home during the week (He works construction 3 hours away) and the only day he is home and they get to spend time together is Sunday, her family comes first, especially her relationship with her spouse. SO we’re praying real hard she will understand the importance of church attendance and keeping the Sabbath day holy. Other than that it looks like October 8th is still a go for her baptism. I can’t remember if I told y’all she was set for baptism 2 weeks ago…. I think I was scared I would jinx it. So if I didn’t… TRISHA IS SET FOR BAPTISM! YAY!!!


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