A Voice in the Dark

blackThe darkness was palpable. It penetrated everything.

At first this thick shroud was a welcome relief from the storms. When the darkness descended, the storms ceased, the earth quieted, and the raging fires were immediately doused.

But this feeling of peace after the storm was short-lived as the thick mist lingered.

The darkness was palpable. It penetrated everything.

The first order of business was to determine your own health. So many around you were hurt or killed. Everyone suffered some injury from the destruction. Your ability to help others was dependent on your own health. 

lostindarkOnce you were sure you were okay, the next task was to determine where you were. Many people were chased from their home by the torrential rains, trembling earth, or violent flames. However, getting your bearings was a challenge in the dark. For many, the groaning earth altered the landscape rendering one’s memory, of how to get from place to place, useless.

Then you needed to locate your loved ones. Most important was to find the children. They were so frightened by the sounds and fury which accompanied three hours of the destruction. The duration of the tumult made it impossible to comfort them. The combination of shattering lightening bolts and the rolling earth destroyed what bravery the children could muster. 

childrenindarkBut now, the oppressive darkness broke the children’s spirits. This was too much. They needed to be comforted. They needed to be assured that everything would be alright. But how to convey a message of comfort when everyone was near their breaking point?

Finally, they all needed food and water. When people’s minds cleared, they remembered the words of Samuel that after the destruction would come three days of darkness.  

Three days!

If they failed to feed the children many could die. Besides, food and water can bring great comfort. But how to find it in this oppressive mist?

The darkness was palpable. It penetrated everything.

These were going to be three very difficult days.

As the survivors acclimated to their dreary surroundings, silence settled upon the land. They were enduring. But what about the others? How extensive was this destruction? Was someone going to come to their aid?

Then came a voice in the dark.

The voice was palpable. It penetrated everything.

It was a voice of sadness. The voice of a weeping God.

It told of just how extensive the destruction was. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, were killed. Entire cities were destroyed. Zarahemla was in ruins.

The waste of so many lives caused the people to weep with God.

The sadness was palpable. It penetrated everything.

While the weeping and wailing over the loss of so many lingered, the voice returned. But this time it brought a feeling of hope. This was a voice of a God who had atoned for them. A God who understood their pain, loss, and, most important, fear.

The hope was palpable. It penetrated everything.

At last, the darkness gradually gave way to the light.



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