Elder J. Morgan – Power of Prayer

Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Morgan’s recent letter home:

On Thursday, while preparing in the morning, I decided to go and take some time to pray to God. We haven’t been having a lot of people interesting in our message. I acknowledged the fact that I am not a worthy servant before Heavenly Father, and that I am weak in my words, but I pleaded with him that he would be merciful and at least lead one person to us that day that would be interested in our message. We street boarded that morning, and I began to simply say “Good Morning!” with a smile to people as they passed by. It puts a smile on my face when people walk away with a smile on theirs.

One woman stopped and I asked her if she had ever heard about the Plan of Salvation. “Yes” she replied. Surprised, and a little confused, I then proceeded to ask her if she had ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She then said “no”. I asked her right there on the street if I could share a small 2 minute message about where we are from, why we are here, and where we are going after this life. She agreed and listened to what I had to say.

She then told me that the day before, she had prayed to God that she would be lead to the true Church of God, and that this was an answer to her prayer. I wrote down her Phone number, and she mentioned something about her husband but I didn’t understand her entirely. I called that number the next day and a man answered the phone. I asked him if he knew a woman named Nadia, and he said no. I plan on giving him a call again, and I hope and pray that Nadia will be able to come and find us again if this turns out to be the wrong phone number. I must have not written it down correctly ha ha…



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