storm1It started out as a just a storm.

Sure, it was a bad storm. But there had been bad storms in the past.Besides, this was the season for bad weather.

Was it a coincidence these storms occurred on timeline prophesied by Samuel? What if Samuel’s words were true? If these storms were the fulfillment of his words, they were all in serious trouble.

It had been 33 years since the signs of Christ’s birth. By now, Nephite society was in ruins.

The central government was destroyed.

The church was weakened.

The Robbers ruled the land.

Even the converted Lamanites were struggling avoiding the chaos of the times.

Despite the general state of apostasy, the people feared that perhaps this storm was the beginning of the end?

Suddenly, the storms intensified.

Thunder shook the ground like never before.

The lightning strikes were constant.

Zarahemla caught fire.

The coastal cities flooded, some were completely destroyed.

mudslideThe cities in and around the mountains and hills caught the brunt by the storm. The torrential rains softened the ground. Massive landslides resulted and entire cities were obliterated. These areas were home to the Robbers, those most responsible for the demise of the government.

tornadoStrangest yet were the whirlwinds. The people had never seen such a unique natural phenomenon. They seemed to spawn out of nowhere and target specific areas of the cities. People were plucked from their homes and violently carried away, never to be heard of again.

Most devastating were the massive earthquakes.

All roads were destroyed.

earthquakeEntire cities were swallowed up by the earth.

Thousands, even hundreds of thousands were killed.

For three long hours the earth reeled, the oceans heaved upon the coast, and the heavens rained down its merciless destruction.

It started out as just a storm.

Then, as quickly as it started, the groanings of the earth abruptly ceased. The heavens quieted. The ground stood still. For a minute it appeared as though the sun was about to pierce the darkened skies and the thick clouds of smoke and rubble.

Just when they hoped that this natural catastrophe would end, a thick mist of darkness slowly crept across the entire land.

It came from the ground.

It came from the sky.

It came from the walls that were still standing.

So thick was this mist that it permeated everything and everyone. It was a darkness you could feel.

The children, already terrorized by the storms, were now beyond scared. Their most awful fears were realized. They were plunged into complete darkness.

MistThe tumult of the storms was now replaced with the moans of the injured and dying, the cries of frightened and hurt children, and the panicked pleadings of parents trying to comfort their young ones. 

For nearly three days the suffocating darkness persisted. Sleep brought some comfort, but now water and food were scarce. If this darkness lasted any longer, those who survived would surely die of starvation and dehydration.

Just when all hope was lost, there came a voice.

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