Sister E. Moore – Thank you Priesthood Holders

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s latest letter home:

Carlene is one of our investigators and she is absolutely amazing! She accepted a baptismal date on our second visit with her! (Although we found out she’s met with missionaries on and off for years) anyway she was supposed to come to church last Sunday but she has a lot of health problems including arthritis and was in so much pain last Sunday that she couldn’t come. That makes us super nervous because now she has to attend every week to make her date. But, that was a blessing in disguise! We went over after church to visit her and I asked her if she would like a blessing. She said she had never heard of that before so I explained it to her and she said she would love one! That Tuesday before our lesson with her, two brothers from our ward came and were able to give her a blessing. It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had on my mission.

We all sat in silence for a few minutes after the blessing, the spirit was almost tangible. Thank you to all you priesthood holders who are worthy to serve, I am so grateful to know so many. We then taught the plan of salvation with 3 members present (the two that gave the blessing and one of their wives). Afterwards one of the members said “so will I see you at church on Sunday?” And she said “yes you will!” And she came!!! It was so awesome. There is so much joy when someone you’re working with comes to church because that is one of the most difficult things for some reason.



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