Elder J. Batman – Families

iSister Betsy Batman shared the testimonies Elders J. and I. Batman bore on the importance of families. Here is an excerpt from Elder J. Batman:

Without my family and my parents, my life would be significantly different. i most likely would not be a member of the church, because i wouldn’t be exposed to it. I would be alone, i would be lost. Their constant prayers for me and my siblings that we would turn out okay.. worked.
How do i return my love for them? My appreciation for them? You do things for them, you love them, you be the best child you can be. They are molding you into the person you become, they are your vessel, your liohona, and a Mold/Cast. Without their mold, you become a puddle, disorganized, confused. they literally mold you into YOU. You will NEVER be able to repay for what they have done for you. Gold willingly let his Son sacrifice himself for us, his brothers and sisters. He had so much love for us he allowed his son to bear all of our sorrows. so that everyone can live with their families for eternity. Parents are your life, they are important. Without them, I can’t even imagine where i would be.

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