Sister E. Moore – Two Midways

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s recent letter home.

God gives us promptings but we don’t always know why or when we will see the blessings from following those promptings. Probably a week after I got into the field we got a call from the other sisters in our ward. They were praying about where to go tracting and the name “Midway” popped into one of their heads. They then looked it up and found out Midway Ave was in our area. Later that week we went and tracted that street and nothing came of it. Everyone was Catholic and everyone didn’t want to listen to us. It was pretty disappointing.

Then this week I was looking at our map and I realized something, there were two Midway Aves in our area that weren’t connected! So that night we went to tract it and we found 3 potentials! And we had some really great conversations. We were also able to teach the whole restoration on a doorstep, it was fantastic! It happened 8 weeks after Sister Larson thought of that street, God works in mysterious ways!



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