Sister I. Morgan: Miracle of the Week(s)

Below are two excerpts from Sister I. Morgan’s letters home.

This first one was from a letter a week ago.

We found a way prepared man named George, he is so great. He’s been accepting everything we’ve been teaching him and we’ve extended a baptismal date to him and he accepted. He’s a miracle of this week! This coming week we are going to meet his wife and his 8 month old baby. We’re so excited! It’s amazing how when you do everything you can and talk to as many people as you can god places his prepared people in our way

This next one is the continuation of that story:

[W]e finally got to meet George’s wife Kristina and guess what, she actually is familiar with our church because she used to take free English classes. I think it’s so neat how the lord prepares people in his own timing and now she is actually open to the gospel. George is doing great! He’s progressing so well its incredible. He likes to ask a lot of questions. He likes answers to all of his questions but some questions just don’t have answers to. We had to explain to him how we just need to focus on the simplicity of the gospel and how we do not need to know everything all at once, but as we diligently continue to study and ask the lord in faith we are able to receive revelation and answers to our questions

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