Sister R. Moore: When Facing Rejection

Here is an excerpt from Sister R. Moore’s latest letter home:

A couple of weeks ago I heard a sister say, “When you face a lot of rejection, it just means Satan’s working harder, so you must be getting closer!” This Saturday I definitely saw that in action. We were knocking these Town homes, something I haven’t done yet (we usually stick to apartment buildings). The first 5 or so doors we were rejected before we could even begin to say anything, and even told some not very nice things. It was a little bit discouraging, and I kind of wanted to tell Sister Blackham that maybe we should try a different place, that the people here won’t be interested. Sister Blackham sweetly reminded me of that quote, and I took a deep breath and continued forward. A little bit later we knocked on the door of a YSA named Long, who had a friend in college who was Mormon and knew a bit about us and the book of Mormon. We talked to him for a little bit, and he was interested in learning more! Then we got to talk to a girl named Jema and invite her to the Philadelphia temple open house, and she genuinely wanted to check it out! The adversary may push hard sometimes, but I have a testimony that it is simply because we are so close to that joy. So never give up, because we know who the ultimate winner will be!



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