Sister E. Moore: Miracles Keep Coming

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s latest letter:

Wow there were multiple nights I came home this week speechless. All I could do was write in my journal and hope that I never forget the miracles that happened. God knows where we are and he places people in our paths!! I know I’ve said that before but I have such a strong testimony of that! There are so many but I will share 2 with you.

The first happened when I was on exchanges on Friday. That morning our area book popped up with a reminder to check on a potential investigator. I read her record and she did not sound interested at all but I felt really good about going there anyway. We had a few people to check on that night and we knew we would be tracting somewhere. I felt really good about tracting near this potential investigator. We checked on her and a man answered that house who wasn’t interested. Then we moved on to the next house. I was about to knock when a man answered the door and we asked if we could share a two minute video about Jesus Christ. He said he had 2 minutes and let us inside, but we ended up staying for 25 minutes. When the video started he just kept asking us questions. He is episcopalian and he explained his belief that we just need to have faith in Jesus Christ and he thought we were doing a great thing. I shared with him how we had the proper priesthood authority to baptize and bore my testimony of that. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and said we could come back and teach him more. Then he asked why we decided to come to his house that night and I shared with him my experience, that I was promoted to come there. The spirit was so strong and he paused for a few minutes thinking about that. He has a lot of questions and wants to know how the bible and Book of Mormon support each other so I am excited to go back!


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