Elder I. Batman: Overcoming Struggles

Here is an excerpt from Elder I. Batman’s latest post: (Original spelling maintained)

It’s been discourgaging and frustrating sometimes this week. Wednesday I was very frustrated cause I studied so hard on this mastery check and I didn’t pass and I got more behind. Hermana Russell (our teacher) she only speaks in Espanol in the class. She could see my frustration and pulled Elder Told and I aside as Elder Told and I are having similar problems with learning the language. She spoked to us in english and could see our frustration and told us to read Ether 12 and ask heavenly father for help and have faith and the language will stick with you. I am very grateful for her help and kindness. It helped a lot and i’ve been doing better with the language. I get frustrated occasionally but I always remember why I’m here and I don’t think for one second about leaving my mission. 


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