Sister I. Morgan – Scripture Power

powerHere is an excerpt from Sister Inna Morgan’s recent letter home.

While being on my mission I have grown to love the scriptures so much. I have read the book of Mormon many times on my mission and this time as I am reading I have decided to really study every verse and I have learned so much. It’s so neat. I also love how the scriptures can change your mood completely and it can apply to us too no matter what circumstance we’re in. When we read with real intent and really want to learn, the Lord really does bless us and help us change and become the person that god knows we can become. The scriptures give you the comfort and the peace that you need. I have been able to receive so much revelation for the people that we teach. It has helped my investigators to become more converted to the gospel. I love the scriptures!!!! I want you all to take some time every day to really read the scriptures and ponder them and it doesn’t have to be a lot it can even be just one or two verses. Think what heavenly father wants you to take out from it. Let the spirit guide and teach you. I know that if you will do that, you will be able to become better fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters but most importantly better Disciples of Christ. I love you all very much!!!!


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