Finding Lost Sheep

Here is an excerpt from Sister E. Moore’s letter home.

When we’re street contacting it is hard to pick out who to talk to. There are so many people and in a busy city like DC they are moving fast. You want to talk to everyone but that’s impossible. It is really about relying on the Lord and promptings from the spirit. Saturday we talked to an awesome man! When we asked him if he believed in God he said, “I know God is real. I used to be a scientific atheist but now I can’t deny it” He went on to explain his testimony of why God lives. I had felt prompted to put a Book of Mormon in my already full bag earlier and I was able to give it to him! He gladly accepted and wanted to go to our church and meet with missionaries! There were a lot of people we didn’t talk to but we were led to talk to “Brother Albert Wood” (how he introduced himself since we were called sister, haha) and I am so grateful God put him in our path.


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