Pendulums of the Penitent – Part 2: Zeezrom

wedgeThose wedges we use to distance ourselves from God come in many forms. As I stated in my previous post, Amulek inserted his wedge through a causal relationship with God. Zeezrom, on the other hand chose the other extreme. His pathway to misery came by his purposeful attempt to strip God His relevance.

Zeezrom’s chosen trajectory towards his descent into this abyss is important to analyze because this is a story written for our time. God wants us to carefully uncover those trends that caused Zeezrom to purposely choose the intellect of man over the love of God because these are issues we face today.

Much like Amulek, Zeezrom was likely one of the founding fathers of the city of Ammonihah. He was probably sent to the new city by Alma, who at the time, was Chief Judge. Alma saw in Zeezrom a keen mind and unparalleled compassion when applying the law to perpetrators and victims alike. Zeezrom’s unique combination of a strong testimony and temporal wisdom made him the perfect candidate to become a righteous political leader.

At first, Zeezrom excelled as anticipated. Ammonihah’s people enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity. But when we experience success, we tend to diminish God’s influence and attribute these divine blessings as the natural result of our own intellect. So it was with Zeezrom.

The more Zeezrom achieved, the less he felt he needed God. Soon the uncertainty of faith, key to a relationship with God, was replaced with the deeply satisfying quest for intellectual, temporal truths. Unfortunately, the wisdom of man too often places God in a narrow box. How? By demanding God to conform to our expectations. When God deviates from what we feel He should do, we grow frustrated and strip Him of His relevance.

sirensI experienced this siren song towards temporal truths when my mind was opened in college. The physical and social sciences provided me answers that were certain and measurable. Whereas faith was slippery and illusive. Governing my life by feelings that were inconsistent and confusing seemed childish and less satisfying than the bedrock to truth I found in my studies. I am convinced this is the same path Zeezrom followed. Faith, by its very nature is uncertain. Zeezrom craved a life of certainties, a life he could control.

As soon as God became an obstacle to his personal pursuits, Zeezrom left the path of faith. Luckily, as with me, Zeezrom came face to face with things as they really are. He learned that while his arguments against God sounded good and gave him power, life without God was hollow. When he realized that faith was not absence of intellect, but that very heart of all intelligence, spiritual or temporal, he was able to see the error of his way and fully repent. Not only did he apologize to those he led astray, but he became a powerful asset to the building of the Kingdom.


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