Elder Justin Morgan’s Miracle Cookies

Well, I had a funny yet spiritual experience while trying to buy some cookies from a small store near our church a few days ago. I was in the store trying to explain to the lady in my broken Russian that I wanted cookies straws, but for some reason, my Russian failed me hard core! I first said “Do you have any straws I can eat?. The lady looked at me with confusion. Then I proceeded to tell her “Gloves! Gloves! I want Gloves! перчатки (gloves) that I can eat!”. Now she was even more confused ha ha. In the end I decided to leave the store and try the next store right next door.

As I left the store, a man apparently tried to help me with translating, but I left to quickly for him to help me. While in the next store, Elder Bekker and Elder Kohler were standing on the street waiting for me to come out, and the man that tried to help me told Elder Bekker and Elder Kohler that he wanted to help me, it looked like I was struggling with my Russian. The man then crossed the street and walked away.

When I came out of the store with some croissants to munch on (Gave up on the cookies), Elder Kohler felt that we needed to go and give that man an English class card, and invite him to come and learn English. However, the man was way out of sight, and was up the road away. We all agreed that we needed to run after him. Eventually we caught up to him and offered him to come to English class. His name is Sasha, currently works as a web designer, has a wife who also does the same.

He told us “You may not believe me… but I had a dream last night that the next day I would need to help a man with translating”. He told us that he saw me in the dream in that store, and when he saw it happening before his eyes, he tried to help me ha ha. He then told us that this was an answer to his prayers, he had been looking for an opportunity to improve his English, and that he and his wife would come to English. We haven’t seen them come yet, but I know that we were an answer to this man’s prayer. Isn’t it amazing how Heavenly Father works? I am so grateful for that experience, and will never forget that. Even though my Russian is okay, Heavenly Father is still able to work with me to help his Children in Moldova. I also learned that day, how to say Cookies which is Печенье.justin4


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