Refugees: Where to Start

confusionWith a global emergency as vast and complex as the current refugee crisis, it is easy to get discouraged by not knowing what you can do to contribute to the solution. While many of us may have a strong desire to help, we face the complex web of resource and time constraints. For this reason, the Church has strongly advised that we contribute what we can without “running faster than we are able.”

Elder Patrick Kearon provided us a simple three-pronged approach on how to get started. These steps include:

  1. Beginning with prayer
  2. Getting involved
  3. Increasing awareness

While prayer is left up to the individual, as a ward community, we can all help each other find avenues where we can get involved and provide credible news sources where we can increase our awareness.

startI suggest the starting point is to review the information the Church has already provided on its web sites. As was announced in April Conference, the church has launched a new site call I Was a Stranger.

On that site you will find two powerful videos that will help make this enormous problem more approachable.

When we Were Strangers

I was a Stranger: Love One Another

Then, I would recommend reviewing four conference talks that dealt directly with what we can do to get involved. Links to each of these talks are found below:

Linda K. Burton Cheryl A. Esplin
    burton  esplin
Neil F. Marriott Patrick Kearon
 marriott  kearon

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