A Prayer in Your Heart

heartWith Stake Conference and the Provo City Center temple dedication consuming a couple of Sundays, I have time to dwell on the Book of Enos for a few more posts still keeping pace with the Sunday School schedule. I would like to explore the concept of having a prayer in our hearts.

What does that mean?

To answer that question, let’s determine what it does not mean. I feel having a prayer in our heart does not mean praying all day as Enos did. While this would be an admirable thing to do, such an all-consuming habit of prayer is neither sustainable nor required from God.

I  am also convinced that having a prayer in our heart has little to do with the number of the times we pray. We live in a world filled with distractions and commitments that demand our attention. I doubt that God has a legion of angelic prayer monitors carefully counting and recording the number of times we pray.

So, if having a prayer in our heart has little to do with the length or frequency of our prayers, what does it mean?

To better understand this concept, we should define prayer as a vehicle for cultivating a sustained and personal relationship with deity. Indeed, when we allow our prayers to become a vital part of our day, I think we have the foundation necessary to develop a prayer in our heart.

So, how do we do that?

Let me propose a simple way to make prayer a vital part of our day.

When you say your morning prayer, after thanking God, discussing the things you need, and expressing concerns for loved ones, take the time to share with God the things you plan to do that day. Because most of our minds are comfortable thinking in sequential order, I suggest you share with God the details of your daily plan in the order you will perform them.

When you say our nightly prayer, again, thank God, discuss the things you need, and express concerns for loved ones. Then, report to God how you did with the plan you shared with Him that morning.

As you get used to this type of prayer, you will soon see how this will impact your day. During your day you will be faced with many choices, some good and some not. When faced with those choices, if you remember that at the end of your day you have to report to God the things you did, you will gradually see yourself choosing the right more often. This way you can avoid reporting that you chose poorly.

Now your prayers become a vital part of your day even while not in the act of praying. I feel this is an important part of having a prayer in our heart. Further, you will begin to see prayer as an integral part of your relationship with God for you will see His hand in the very details of you life.


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