Too Much Help?

cityonhillDuring a particularly tough period of life I went to the temple often.  While there, I put my own name on the prayer list because I needed the prayers.  The trial stretched on and on.  At one point I felt I was wearying Heavenly Father with my prayers and didn’t want to keep bothering Him.  When I went to the temple that day I placed other names on the prayer list; but not my own.

In the temple the names on the lists are prayed for repeatedly, this way they can call upon the faith of all those who hear that prayer.

The day that I decide to not add my own name to that list, the person saying the prayer for some reason changed the standard wording used and said, “Please bless … those people … who put names on the prayer list today”. I had never heard someone pray for those people who contributed names to the list.

I was blessed with a prayer specifically for me.  The person giving the prayer pleaded that Heavenly Father would intercede and bless me on a day I felt I had been asking for help too much from Him.

I am convinced Heavenly Father lead this man to make sure he asked that I was blessed … and to teach me that you can’t ask Him for too much help.  That He loves me (and you) and He wants us to pray to help for blessings and peace

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