Seeking Simplicity

In his talk It Works Wonderfully!, President Uchtdorf reminded us of Alma the Younger as he started his mission among the Nephites. Alma was growing concerned that the saints were becoming dissatisfied with their discipleship. He, like President Uchtdorf, felt they were complicating the simplicity of the gospel.

Many of these saints had fought hard for their testimonies. Some, only a few years ago, were persecuted for their beliefs. Others had engaged in battles and lost loved ones in the defense of their faith. Some were too young to appreciate the sacrifices of others. All, however, were taught and freely accepted the gospel.

distantNow, they lived in peace and security, but for some reason, after all they endured to establish that security, these great people felt distant from God.

In an attempt to revitalize the Church, Alma visited several cities and spoke at many congregations. I am sure he asked those attending these meeting the same questions – very piercing and difficult questions.

He reminded the people of their conversion to the gospel and of the feelings of peace and happiness they once felt. Then he asked, “…can ye feel so now?”

Such a question from a prophet demands difficult and sometimes painful self-evaluation. This is exactly what President Uchtdorf asked each us to do as we answer that same question.

To those who must honestly answer that question in the negative, perhaps you can rediscover these precious feelings by applying President Uchtdorf’s Gospel made Simple suggestions.

  1. evaluateEarnestly hearing the word of God leads to stronger faith and trust.
  2. When our trust in God increases, our hearts are filled with love towards God and others.
  3. Our love for God will motivate us to bring our actions into alignment to His word.
  4. Our desire to serve Him and bless the lives of others will naturally increase.
  5. The more we walk down this simple path, the more we desire to learn of God.

That’s it. The beauty of this simple process is that it is cyclical. If we strive to dedicate ourselves to this test, then we lessen the chance that we grow dissatisfied with our discipleship.

What are your thoughts?

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