Nine New Products

Debbye Cannon has shared a flyer containing information about nine new prepackaged products of familiar foods that can enhance your food storage. These include:

  • starterFruit Drink – after a while, water gets boring
  • Hot Cocoa – my personal favorite
  • Apple Slices – most likely dehydrated
  • Macaroni – I regard as my current staff of life
  • Powdered Milk – made bearable by hot cocoa
  • Sugar – one of my main food groups
  • Potato flakes – I really miss those good old potato pearls
  • Oats – which is improved by apple slices
  • Spaghetti – a word which no one under five can pronounce

These ready-to-go food canned food storage items can be purchased using the Church’s Provident Living Web site of by calling the Sandy Utah Welfare Home Storage Center at 801 561 8104.

Please see the attached flyer for more detail with a lot fewer personal comments.


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