So, What is This?

This web site is an attempt to provide members of the Oquirrh Lake 4th ward with easy access to information regarding topics on provident living. As Bishop Brosnan says, provident living is a large umbrella that covers a wide range of areas that can impact our lives.

Because provident living represents such broad range of topics, I have arranged this site so that you can access any aspect of provident living that interests you and your current situation. If your situation changes, then perhaps other parts of this site can provide you information you need at that time.

listRather than simply provide static information, this site can provide dialog as well. Anyone visiting this site is invited to add to the richness of its content by posting information that can benefit others. For example, if you are at work and hear of a job opening, you can post that information immediately and not have to wait for that dreaded list to be passed around at church.

If you are aware of a great organization that needs service projects, you can post that information on this site and those ward organizations looking for service opportunities can easily find a project that meets their needs.

handsThe goal, then, is to share information that can assist others in whatever stage of life they are in. It is easy, painless, and cost you nothing. I invite you to explore this site and see where you can contribute and where you can benefit.

Please note, that all posts to this site are e-mailed to me and I will add them. By playing the role of intermediary we can avoid having this site get cluttered with content that is not suitable for its purpose.


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