Be Prepared

emergencyI have noticed some intriguing billboards along I-15 that state something similar to:

Hoping that something bad won’t happen is not a plan.

I work in the IT department for a large company and they have invested millions of dollars for disaster recovery in the event of an emergency. If corporate America is willing to invest so much simply to protect their data, we should likewise be willing to invest some of our resources to help us get through any personal or local event that may cause an interruption into our lives.

Part of that preparedness is food storage. Another part is the good old 72 hour kit. But this portion of the provident living site provides a forum for others to share successes and failures they have had when it comes to being prepared for an emergency.

By the way, the picture I included is my idea of a 72 hour kit. I guess I have a lot to learn…


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