20/20 Food Storage

At the bottom of this post is a link to a one page document provided by the Stake regarding some simple steps you can take towards developing an edible food storage that can store well.

Manpmilky of us remember our parent’s food storage shelves filled with things we hoped never to eat. I can still see boxes and boxes of dried soy products that my mom would try to hide in our taco meet. There was also dozens of metal containers filled with powdered milk. Mom tried sneaking that into our regular milk supply. The first one to drink that milk had to skim the top of the pitcher to remove the powdered milk scum. Too often that lot fell on me.

Those days are mostly gone. Now the emphasis is food that can make a stressful time less cumbersome.

chocolateOkay, I may have exaggerated about the edible nature of the food in this flyer. The kits presented include powdered milk. However,it also comes with dried cocoa. That is they only way I found to make powdered milk almost approachable.

I hope I didn’t dissuade anyone from reading this flyer.

Also, there is a great web site for more information. Please click here.




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